• Maarten Vromans


    Since 2014, Dutch photographer Maarten Vromans (1975) has been exploring the impact that people, nature and weather have on urban development in (mainly) Rotterdam. Recently, four photos from his 'Urban Erosion' project were published in New Dutch Photography Talent 2016, an annual platform publication featuring the work of hundred upcoming Dutch photographers.


  • Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello


    Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello are Paris-born photographers. The two met in Buenos Aires. In 2002, they were awarded with the Picto prize for young fashion photographers and have been working together since.


  • David Chang


    David is a director, editor, and photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.


  • Laura Stevens


    Laura Stevens’ series of narrative portraits represent and fictionalise personal situations, using cinematic drama and painterly aesthetics along themes of intimacy, relationships and loss. Stevens is one of the five grant winners of the LensCulture's Emerging Talents 2014.


  • Nolan Conway


    Nolan Conway used to live a normal life. He had a good job and he was well thought of by many. Then he turned twenty-nine and everything changed. He decided that he no longer liked his carefree existence.


  • Jen Ervin


    Jen Ervin is an emerging artist specializing in film-based photography and small works. Her Polaroids have also been shown in galleries and museums alongside notable photographers including William Christenberry, Sally Mann, William Eggleston, Andy Warhol, Kathleen Robbins, and Susan Worsham.


  • Tom Stanworth

    Documentary Photographer

    Tom Stanworths photography manages the difficult job of balancing the horror with hope. There is vibrancy to his photography. - Peter Cowe, Film Maker


  • World Press Photo

    Joop Swart Masterclass

    The Joop Swart Masterclass by World Press Photo has been running since 1994 to foster the creative, intellectual, and professional growth of emerging international talent in visual journalism. The material prepared on the chosen theme, the ideas behind it and it's final presentation are presented on Viewbook. Each participant maintains it's own section on the website.


  • Marcus Reichmann

    Documentary Photographer

    Marcus Reichmann was born in Saxony, Germany. He studied photojournalism at the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hanover and was a photography apprentice. He has traveled to India and Kashmir and been exhibited at the Festival Visa pour l’Image Perpignan 2011 & the Lumix Festival 2012 for young photojournalism in Hanover.


  • Meike Nixdorf

    Visual artist

    Meike Nixdorf, born 1976, is a German visual artist. Meike has received several awards, amongst others she has been a Critical Mass and Fotovisura Grant finalist. Recently her work was featured by The New Yorker and chosen for THE FENCE 2015 by Photoville, New York.


  • Wendelien Daan

    Fashion Photographer

    Internationally recognised fashion and portrait photographer from The Netherlands. The work of Wendelien Daan takes you into a world in which people and everyday objects can sometimes take on a peculiar form.


  • Gianfranco Gallucci

    Documentary Photographer

    Gianfranco Gallucci is an independent documentary photographer based in Rome. His long term projects are mainly focused on landscape, social and cultural issues, exploring the relationship between people and the places they live in.