• Wendelien Daan

    Fashion Photographer

    Internationally recognised fashion and portrait photographer from The Netherlands. The work of Wendelien Daan takes you into a world in which people and everyday objects can sometimes take on a peculiar form.


  • Gianfranco Gallucci

    Documentary Photographer

    Gianfranco Gallucci is an independent documentary photographer based in Rome. His long term projects are mainly focused on landscape, social and cultural issues, exploring the relationship between people and the places they live in. 


  • Irina Rozovsky


    Irina Rozovsky lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at the International Center of Photography and the Art Institute of Boston. Her first monograph 'One to Nothing' was published by Kehrer Verlag, and named on the "Best Books of 2011" lists by Alec Soth and photo-eye Magazine.


  • Sim Chi Yin


    Chi Yin Sim is a photographer based in Beijing, a member of VII Photo Agency. When she's not working on personal projects on social issues in the region, she shoots regularly for the New York Times. Her work has also been shown and collected by art galleries, auction houses and foundations in Paris and New York.


  • Laura Stevens


    Laura Stevens’ series of narrative portraits represent and fictionalise personal situations, using cinematic drama and painterly aesthetics along themes of intimacy, relationships and loss. Stevens is one of the five grant winners of the LensCulture's Emerging Talents 2014.


  • Maxim Dondyuk

    Documentary Photographer

    Maxim Dondyuk is a Ukrainian documentary photographer with a long list of grants and awards. His work has been published in many renown magazines and newspapers around the world.


  • Benedikt Partenheimer


    The minimal online portfolio from Berlin based photographer Benedikt Partenheimer reveals unfamiliar perspectives.


  • Anthony Coleman


    Having first trained in architecture, Anthony Coleman studied for a masters degree at the Royal College of Art. He works with some of the United Kingdom’s leading architects and design magazines and continues to pursue personal photographic projects.


  • Jan Rosseel

    Visual Storyteller

    The work of Jan Rosseel is best described as visual storytelling, between narration and documentation. He works as a collector of memories using photography, video and objects. The starting point of his research-based projects are historical events and the notion of memory.


  • Brandon Schulman


    Surrounded by photography from an early age, award-winning photographer Brandon Schulman's love for the photographic process comes from a lifelong respect for passionate craftsmanship, timeless storytelling, and how a subject's identity and environment inform its narrative.


  • Becky Harlan

    Documentary Photographer and Multimedia Producer

    Becky Harlan is a documentary photographer and multimedia producer based in Washington, D.C where she can be found telling stories about the interaction between community and environment. Harlan grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee. She has a BA in Art History and an MA in New Media Photojournalism.


  • Joe Fletcher

    Architectural Photographer

    Architectural photographer Joe Fletcher (San Francisco, USA) likes simple, contemplative beauty in form and light. "Photography allows us to marvel at these things in architecture."