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  • Irina Rozovsky


    Irina Rozovsky lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at the International Center of Photography and the Art Institute of Boston. Her first monograph 'One to Nothing' was published by Kehrer Verlag, and named on the "Best Books of 2011" lists by Alec Soth and photo-eye Magazine.


  • RenĂ© & Radka


    The cosmopolitan photographic duo, René & Radka, who have lived in Paris for more than fifteen years, are well known for their advertising campaigns and fashion editorials, but also for their remarkable independent work. In 2009 Tv channel ARTE realised a documentary about their work "L'art et la maniere".


  • Stanley Leroux

    Nature Photographer

    Stanley Leroux (Paris) is a tireless traveler and ventures into more remote areas in order to achieve his animal and nature photographs, often in the form of solo expeditions. At his latest he documented penguins at extreme latitudes of the subantarctic fauna endangered by immersion.


  • Brandon Schulman


    Surrounded by photography from an early age, award-winning photographer Brandon Schulman's love for the photographic process comes from a lifelong respect for passionate craftsmanship, timeless storytelling, and how a subject's identity and environment inform its narrative.


  • Wendelien Daan

    Fashion Photographer

    Internationally recognised fashion and portrait photographer from The Netherlands. The work of Wendelien Daan takes you into a world in which people and everyday objects can sometimes take on a peculiar form.


  • Nathalie Bardou


    Nathalie Bardou is a French photographer and writer, based in Paris, France. She has been capturing major news events and features in different parts of the world including Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, China and France, focusing on human issues as well as aesthetics in her photography.


  • Andy Hatton


    Andy Hatton is a Melbourne based Photographer, Filmmaker and Director. Originally from Manchester, UK, he made the move to Australia in 2006. It was this move from the grey skies of England to the harsh sunlight of Australia when Hatton began to see things differently.


  • Jan Rosseel

    Visual Storyteller

    The work of Jan Rosseel is best described as visual storytelling, between narration and documentation. He works as a collector of memories using photography, video and objects. The starting point of his research-based projects are historical events and the notion of memory. Currently exhibiting at FOAM, Amsterdam.


  • Hugh Rutherford

    Photography and Film

    Hugh Rutherford (Sydney, Australia) works primarily in the non-government sector. He has travelled extensively as a multimedia producer, bringing a raw and unique sensibility to his subjects in various international locations. Hugh's work has featured in international publications and prestigious photographic competitions.


  • Otto Snoek


    Otto Snoek, Born and raised in Rotterdam, surveys the border between social criticism and compassion, trying to make visible the ambivalent relationship between the promise and the letdown of our modern way of urban life.


  • Dave Bradley


    Bradley strives to create 'sharp, crisp photographs that clarify rather than complicate, revealing objects in their basic forms and textures'.


  • David Kressler


    Living and working in Brooklyn, David Kressler currently works primarily on large format photography reflecting on man's unintentionally created edgelands.